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  • Lysten mobile app, the Facebook for your personal growth. Millennials and young adults are dealing with everyday concerns such as; post graduate depression, career changes, choosing career paths, debt and finances, whether to attend college or graduate school, dealing with sexual orientation, sexual preference and religion. We are also becoming first time home owners, starting families and becoming new parents. As young adults, some of us are still trying to find our passion and figure out what to do next with our lives. We are applying for jobs, to universities and  colleges, we are being challenged as college students and young professionals with trying to find a balance between work, school and social life. We are dealing with relationships, abuse; mental, physical, verbal and so forth. Which ultimately may lead some to have depression, anxiety, stress and suicidal idealization. We want you to know you are not in this alone.
  • Lysten’s goal is to bring a community together who are experiencing similar situations to help one another grow through it and avoid known pitfalls based on others experiences. Lysten wants to help you with your life's choices, it is designed and aimed at utilizing user interactions. A social communication platform that allows one to contact a knowledgeable peer to peer demographic to provide or receive support, ask or answer questions, resolve concerns, acquire advice, mentoring, guidance and etc.
  • Lysten brings together different avenues of communication such as; audio and video calls, direct messaging, the ability to view articles and videos, listen to podcast, post forums and so forth, all in one place to communicate more effectively and efficiently.
  • Lysten plans to launch in the Fall of 2018, to submit your contact information, scroll down and provide us with your name and email address. In the subject bar, place either, "Tester", "Pre-Launch" or "Both"  and get the opportunity to download the app prior to launch, as well as get the chance to became one of our beta testers and be one of the first to try our app and provide us with your valuable feedback prior to release!
Lysten Interactive Commercial
Lysten Interactive Commerical

What are some ways you can use Lysten?


Check out some of the amazing benefits of Lysten.
Utilize direct messaging, forums, and audio calls to communicate with other users.
Get answers on topics such as finances, mental health, career change, college life, and more.
Bring all your questions, concerns, and problems, on any topic to one place.

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