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  • Lysten mobile app, the Facebook for your personal growth.
  • Many young adults are struggling with everyday concerns and just need someone to vent to or connect with. That's where Lysten comes in.
  • Lysten (pronounced as Listen) mobile app is geared towards young adults, millennials and professionals. Lysten is designed to facilitate success in our personal and professional lives. Lysten is a peer to peer platform that provides guidance, mentoring and advice with everyday life concerns on a wide range of topics such as careers, parenting, college, life’s purpose and so forth. Lysten also provides a variety of communication vehicles such as; sending and receiving direct messages, ability to ask questions, connect through forums, upload or watch videos, post or attend events such as seminars and conferences. Users can also connect via private phone calls, group discussions, listen to Podcasts and so much more.
  • With Lysten users can connect with like minded peers or one of our esteemed and entrusted Providers, to receive advice, mentoring and guidance.  While utilizing one of our many communication vehicles. Providers are individuals who have the knowledge, skills and background regarding specific concerns and subjects that many young adults encounter. We specifically hand pick our Providers to ensure our Users have quality, valuable and esteemed content. We want you to know you are not alone.
  • Lysten’s goal is to bring a community together who are experiencing similar situations to help one another grow through it and avoid known pitfalls based on others experiences. Lysten wants to help you with your life's choices, it is designed and aimed at utilizing user interactions. A social communication platform that allows one to contact a knowledgeable peer to peer demographic to provide or receive support, ask or answer questions, resolve concerns, acquire advice, mentoring, guidance and etc.
  • Lysten mobile app with be available in the Google Play and App Store. Download it, try it out and tell us what you think. You don't want to miss this.
  • Follow us on Instagram @LystenInc
  • To submit a Support Ticket please do so at https://lysteninteractiveinc.supportbee.com/portal/sign_in
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Lysten Interactive Commercial
Lysten Interactive Commerical

What are some ways you can use Lysten?


Check out some of the amazing benefits of Lysten.
Utilize direct messaging, forums, and audio calls to communicate with other users.
Get answers on topics such as finances, mental health, career change, college life, and more.
Bring all your questions, concerns, and problems, on any topic to one place.

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