9. Pay off your debt (minus your mortgage).

Because you’re a smart person, you developed a debt repayment plan in your 20s. Hopefully, you’ve been sticking to it faithfully because now that you’re in your third decade you’ll have a host of new expenses to think about if you decide to buy a home, get a new car, or have kids. All of these major life decisions will add more debt to your life. So you’ve got to continue paying off your student loan and credit card debt so that you can focus more on retirement in your 40s.

10. Advance your career.

In your 20s, you focused on getting experience and developing your skills set. Now that you’ve acquired different skills through all the jobs you’ve held, it’s time to reach your earnings potential. Are you happy with your job? If not, it’s time to move on before you end up getting stuck. Which career path do you want to pursue? Which types of jobs might be the best fit for you? Before you end up in a job that drives you crazy, make the switch now. Yes, it’s risky. But that’s why you have an emergency fund, right? And a financial plan in mind as well, right? If you’re happy where you are, evaluate your skills and position. Could you be doing more to help yourself move up the company ladder.