How to Furnish Your First Apartment on a Budget


  1. Thrift shop- Goodwill or Salvation Army

  1. You can go to big name brand stores and buy things on sale

  1. I know this can be kind of awkward but ask family members for hand-me-downs. We all have that one family member or family friend with tons of old furniture in their garage, attic or storage unit. Just ask, the answer will always be no if you don’t say anything.

  1. DIY your furniture- if you see potential in a piece of furniture but don’t like the original arrangement. Repaint it, sand it down or recover it. It may seem like a lot but it will cost a lot less than buying a new piece of furniture just like it.

  1. Style one room at a time. This can definitely come in handy when you have a small budget to work it. Maybe focusing on one room at a time can allow you to get the most out of your money.

  1. Multipurpose furniture- I personally do not have any experience with this BUT I’ve seen pictures and videos of things these multi pieces can do, and let’s just say, “I’M AMAZED”.


  1. Design/ decorate in a unique way. Use pieces that are meant for one thing and use it for another. This not only displays charter, but also creativity.

  1. Go to garage sales, estate sales and auctions. No other place to find great hand me downs and unique pieces at cheaper prices than garage and estate sales which are my absolute fav.


  1. If you’re not into going to those places there is also an option for you online shoppers such as Craigslist and Ebay.


  1. Last but not least, just be creative and think outside the box, this is your home so make it that way.