Busy Adult? How to Become Beautiful Naturally

The majority of us never have time in the morning, to do our hair, make-up or even get half decently dressed. Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to put so much effort into becoming beautified  in the mornings. Let’s be honest everyone want to be naturally beautiful, have that radiant glow without the help of makeup, clear skin, hot bod and gorgeous hair. Besides, doing the usual of showering daily, brushing your teeth both day and night as well as trying to maintain clear skin there are a few more thing that you could perform to become naturally beautiful.

Beautifying Tips

  1. Stop trying to uphold the ‘standard’ beauty norm and embrace your own. Everyone was born different for a reason and wasn’t so we all could be the same. Notice your differences and rock them proudly. If it’s big curly hair; wear it. If it’s not a size 0 waist embrace it and if it’s a smile that’s not so perfect; smile anyway!

2. Drink water, it’s great for your skin. Water assist with promoting clear skin and not only that, but also a healthy body (but we are here mostly for the skin). Water provides radiant and glowing skin reducing pimples, inflammation and blemishes.

3. Sleep, sleep and more sleep. Have you ever heard someone say get your beauty rest, well they are correct. Sleeping and a major part of being beautiful it not only promotes great mental health, but also promotes well rested eyes and skin.

4. Take Vitamins. Maintaining your health is a very crucial part of natural beauty, again you don’t have to be a walking stick to be considered beautiful but definitely take precautions toward keeping your heart, spirit and mind healthy.

5. Eat fruits and veggies and indulge in those sweet things every now and then (meaning daily) but definitely don’t forget your fruits and veggies.

6. Push your heart and your body to the limit. You don’t have to be on any rigorous workout plan or have a hard core personal trainer, but put on your running shoes a few times a week and take a jog around your neighborhood, campus or park.

7. Learn how to balance. Another key to being naturally beautiful is to minimize stress at all cost and learn to have a healthy work, school and social life. Having balance in all three will certainly reduce anxiety, situational depression and short term mental breakdowns ( let’s pretend we have all never had there before).

8. Try to avoid bad chemicals in the body such as smoking and alcohol. Why? Because it makes you age. Besides, seeing women smoke cigarettes these days is completely unattractive so just, stay away.

9. Drink Coffee. Because, who can get through a day without a cup of coffee.

10. Lastly, Self-care. Ensure to rest, take time for yourself and rejuvenate when needed.