Are You Choosing the Right Career?

Choosing a career can be overwhelming, exhausting and draining. I mean you are picking something you will possibly be doing for the rest of your life! How can we not be afraid of picking the wrong one. For many of us this is a choice we have to make as freshmen in college, some are able to decide once they graduate, others don’t have a choice at all, due to a family business and many have decided to change careers.

The way I see it, is we should not feel pressured or rushed into any career that we feel is not a good representation of ourselves. Have you heard the saying “do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life” I honestly and 100% believe that. If you are getting up everyday with passion, motivation and enthusiasm for your career, we won’t hate Mondays so much.

What Can You Do?

Picking a career field, you need to first exam who you are. Ask yourself question along the lines of; what do you like, what are you passionate about, what are your life goals, what moves you, what’s on your bucket list and so forth. Get a good understanding of yourself and what you truly feel you would be good at before picking something that your parents may want you to do or choosing a career that you’ll hate because, “it makes lots of money” for in the end, it’s your happiness, self-worth and stress level on the line.

Utilize tools such as career assessments, college advisors, career coaches, career training or shadowing, conduct informational interviews with individuals in that career field or find a mentor. There are so many resources available at your fingertips and all you must do is find one. Another idea is to make a list of 5 or 10 careers you would like to do. The goal is to narrow them down to 3. You can start with writing out the pros and cons of each, exam the certification and education that is required, think about how attainable and realistic it is as well as other important factors you can think of and once you have a list of 3 things, go out and do more extensive research about your potential career field.

Picking a career at 18, 23 or even older is life changing for anyone, but remember it’s not impossible. You will find your way, you will find the right career and you will be happy.