The Perfect Home Office Without Breaking the Bank

Let’s be honest, work sucks, however when you can work in a space, that is entirely your own, in your comfort zone and no one else it certainly makes work at lot more tolerable. I can honestly say I can get a lot more done within the time-frame of working at home than doing so in my cubical.

When I first went about creating my home office I lived in a small one-bedroom apartment. I seen a few ideas on social media accounts about turning your closet into a home office and figured I had way too many clothes for that, plus I am not that nifty or creative so, I decided not to go for it. However, I did have a very underutilized dining area that I thought would be great to turn into an office space. I took the table and chair set to my parent’s garage and started on my first ever, ‘home project’.

Seeing that I was a broke college grad working in corporate America in an underpaid cubical stricken job, I got most of my office space items from bargain stores such as Walmart and Target. Since I was not rich and did not like spending a lot of money, I brought the cheapest items that I could possibly find. Starting with a simple black desk that cost me roughly $44.00 bucks. A 19.99 computer chair and $39.99-dollar, 2 drawer file cabinet, along with a $69.00-dollar HP Officejet printer that had the scan and fax included. I also purchased a $19.99 dollar, 3 shelve black book case, a little cute desk lamp as well as a dry erase calendar for slightly over 200 dollars!

Now Time to Add Some Spazass

On account of all of my furniture being black, I decided to add a pop of color. The color I decided to go with was yellow. Therefore, I started off by purchasing a few small items with the accent color as yellow such as a picture frame for my desk, a wall canvas with an inspirational quote that hung above my printer, a rug that also had a cute design of yellow, black and other colors that were less noticeable, a small vase and other little knick knacks that I picked up from garage sales, Goodwill and Walmart. All in all, I probably spent less than $250 dollars on my entire home office.


Making It Your Own

First thing first, ensure your home office is in a part of the home where you will be able to let loose and go after all of your goals. If you are tight on space, converting a small closet or underutilized area of your home or apartment is ideal. If you do not have an underutilized room in your home even dedicating a small work space or work station in the corner of your bedroom or living room is also a great idea. Home offices or work stations do not have to be anything fancy or expensive. If a small writing desk with a desk lamp and a laptop is all you can do at the moment, then that is okay. As long as you have somewhere, where you can meet your deadlines and accomplish your personal and work-related objectives. Work stations or home offices, allow you to have an area where you can do your office work, home-work or entrepreneurial work at your own pace, in your own space and within a comfortable environment. However, if you have a spare bedroom that would work out best.

A few other things that are also important to include are; having great lighting, natural light is honestly the best, privacy and organization. Therefore, if you can have a space by a window, awesome, but if not, that is okay. Shelves or drawers are a must, this unquestionably keeps you well organized and all the ball. Also, having a calendar or dry erase board, that you can hang somewhere visible, so that you can write your deadlines and goals and ensure you are accomplishing them in a timely manner is a great thought.  Finally, privacy, pick an area where you can zone out and focus on your tasks at hand. This makes completing your goals more operative and efficient.

A home office or work space can be an entire room, a desk in the corner or a lap bored that goes over your legs. Whatever it may be, make it yours and ensure it suites you! Office Must Haves