Seeking Guidance, is it that Important?

Looking for guidance is a sign of maturity within your adulthood. It displays that you are looking to better yourself or your situation and seeking guidance can certainly put you on the right path for personal growth and fulfillment.

Lysten mobile app has a wide range of users with a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and upbringings. It is diverse in it’s culture and values. It is a peer to peer knowledge-based platform geared towards young adults and millennial’s to assist with everyday life concerns.  From everything such as post graduate depression, picking a career, choosing a college major, buying your first home and so on. There are people waiting to provide you with solutions as well as individuals looking for them.

How Can Lysten Mobile App Help

Why is finding individuals like you so imperative? Because first, it lets you know you are not alone. Finding like minded people who are going through similar situations as you, can not only build friendship, mutual growth and support. But also facilitates success in your personal life, by allowing socialization, networking and interacting amongst hundreds of other individuals.

Lysten also provides motivation, encouragement and empowerment to find answers to your questions or solutions to your problems. It helps you avoid known pitfalls that another person may have already experienced. Lysten enables brainstorming which increases ideas, resolutions and faster outcomes.

Lysten also has a variety of communication channels for more opportune and effective discussions. You can choose to do a one on one direct message, or phone call, or join a group forum, or private group message and much more. Don’t miss out, Lysten will be available for download in the Google App Store June 2018, learn more on our website at