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When we were younger I am sure the majority of us had our lives all planned out. From the time we were going to graduate college, meet that special someone, marry, have children and work in the that perfect career. However, as we have grown I think we have understood that life never really goes as planned. And what we thought was going to happen ended up being the total opposite. But the best thing that we can do is, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

We all have this scenario of this “perfect” life in our heads. Majority of the time it is very unrealistic, and statistics may show that things just do not happen that way, unfortunately?  Some of us thought we would be done with college by 23, but had to change our major 5 times, or you thought you would be graduated by now, but instead you were forced to take several breaks and now you’re working at a fast food restaurant barely making it or living with your parents. Or say you did finish college but are unable to find a career and now you’re working jobs that are either not in your field or below your pay rate. Many us thought we would be married, settled down and starting a family by a certain age, but with generation finding someone with real intentions seems close to slim. Maybe unexpected illnesses or tragedy hit yourself or a close friend or family member. And maybe things did not go as they were planned, and maybe our lives really suck and maybe just maybe adulthood is not what we all thought it was going to be. However, there’s no escaping it. We are all the authors of our own stories. Therefore, if we wanted that “perfect” life bad enough then that’s what we need to go after. I know, it’s easier said than done, but I believe if we took steps to achieving our goals, one day. Maybe not today or even tomorrow, but one day it will happen.

Let’s Grow Up

Adulthood is hard, it is filled with disappointment, loneliness the realization that you may not be a millionaire by 22, married by 25 and starting a family by 25 and ½. But, even though you do not like the ups and downs, the uncertainties and all the unanswered questions. When you look back from what you’ve been through, to where you are now and where you are headed. I am sure you can be extremely grateful. Understand that chaos builds character, and without it there would be no you. No strong, independent, making it through anything life throws at you, YOU! So, embrace the journey, travel to different cities, live at home with your parents for as long as possible, work hard, stay out late, drink as much coffee as you like and stuff your face with anything you want. But don’t forget where you’re going, don’t forget your drive, don’t forget your goal and just enjoy the ride.