How I Made it Through College

Author: Karrie. E

Published: 4/11/2018

When I was in high school picking the college of my choice was one of the hardest decisions that I probably ever had to make. Do I follow the crowd and go where all of my friends are going or should I venture off on my own? Should I stay in town to pursue my education or should leave the city?  Will I become home sick? Is college even for me? And on and on and on.

Needless to say, I picked a college, out of my city, but not out of the state, far enough to be away from home, but still close enough, if I ever needed to get back. The hard part is done, right? Not quite, may I add, college was no easy task. It was hard, provoking, difficult and challenging. There were days that I wanted to give up and days that I felt I was unable to make it.

I sometimes sat in the library and cried my eyes out over my research assignments. I’ve pulled all nighters, stayed up for 24 hours straight, on multiple occasions.  I’ve been down to exactly, $0.00 dollars in my bank account. I’ve binged on coffee a few times to stay awake and study for test, I’ve worked two jobs with a full load of credit hours. I’ve missed assignments, failed a few classes and had plenty of awkward college moments. I’ve even thought about leaving the country a few times to avoid this anxiety.

Making It

But, at the end of the day. Although this may sound cliché’.  I persevered through college, by simply not giving up. Even after I decided I no longer wanted to be there, I kept going.  Even after, I was so stressed out I skipped classes for a week, I kept going. Even, when I was burnt out on caffeine, books and little to no sleep, I kept going. I shortly came to the realization that college may not be for everyone, but anyone can do it. College isn’t only for “smart people”, it’s for anyone who has dedication, perseverance, commitment and determination to make it through. I knew what I wanted to be, and I knew what I had to do to get there. So, I kept going. I knew not, one classmate who just swift through it, easy breezy, no stress what so ever. Everyone and I do mean everyone, had their ups and downs when it came to test, papers, homework, balancing personal life with school and work.

I believe college builds character, it builds professionalism, accountability, dedication, persistence and most of all GRIT. College instills you with the work ethic you need to go after your goals. It enables you to go after anything you are capable of and  provides amazing opportunities. You may get the chance to visit other countries, see different cultures, embrace diversity and so much more. Making it through college was no easy task, but as I get ready to walk across that stage in the next few weeks to receive my diploma, I can definitely say that it was well worth it, and all I had to do was keep going.


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Author: Karrie. E

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I am an ambitious, driven college student that loves God, my family and my dog. I am studying biology with a minor in education. Currently writing on the side and working a full-time job, while also being a full-time student. I hope to one day to become an author, teach college level science and give back to the world in a way that is bigger than myself.

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