The Choices Of Life

College? Career? Or BOSS! Which One Makes More Sense To You?

Author: Latrice Fowler

Published: 5/9/2018

I recently played The Game Of Life, with my 17 year old daughter. Even though the game itself is an all-time classic, we played the digital version she downloaded a few days prior, from the Apple  App store. I don’t care how old you are, you’ve heard of The Game Of Life, whether from someone you know or on family game night at your house. You’re given choices to make right after the very first roll. Choosing whether or not to attend college or take the career path instead. Either way, they both pose a huge risk. This, although a game, tries to mimic the choices we’re all faced with on a daily basis. The game mirrors just a fraction of life’s many unexpected pitstops, detours and critical moments of making hard decisions. Playing this as a child can open the mind up to the many possibilities and responsibilities life can dish out. Life is about choices, real life that is, not just in the game. This would be the phrase that was repeated the most as my kids were growing up. No matter how you look at it, be it, the box of chocolate—not knowing what you’re going to get. Whether or not you see the glass half empty or half full. We all have choices and extremely difficult decisions to make and that my friends is the absolute truth. We all have been given the freewill to make any choice we want. However, with every choice, they all come tied to a consequence, good or bad. 

Some desire the structure that going to college provides. It not only prepares you for the hustle and bustle of the real world of reality. It allows you to grow with a more structured approach to life in general. Making the choice to plunge head first into the choppy waters of finding a viable career—holds the potential of thrashing you around without any sense of direction. It’s hard out here without leverage such as a degree in most cases today. But the downside to that—most of the request for a specific degree has absolutely nothing to do with the duties and work in general, so is it all a waste? For example, why on earth would you need a degree to simply answer phones, file documents, create websites or schedule a flight for the boss from hell? The average employee’s primary role is to build someone else’s dreams and promote their lifestyle from rags to riches. 

In the 21st-century we have the potential to cut out the middleman that is Joe College and Crude Careers. If we dream it, work it, grow it, we can live the life we build. There are no more gatekeepers atop the watch towers in control of the decisions we make for ourselves. Life is about choices to live a life we carve out and on our own turns. Some may see this has the biggest risk of them all. I ask you, what would be more rewarding in the end. Spending countless years sitting in a classroom only to graduate with a degree you may or may not use? Dedicate 30 years of your life to a job only to be chained to the time clock, and settling for what the employer sees fit to pay for your valuable time that is of no value to them? As someone who chose the path of Entrepreneurship I suppose I’m a little bias. As a homeschooling parent of three, two of which have since graduated from my entrepreneurial infused program. I often tell people I didn’t raise my kids to be EMPLOYEES but rather I raised them to be BOSSES. I would rather see them fail at trying to build their businesses than to waste their time and money on a degree that may end up collecting dust hung up on the wall. Or selling themselves to the pimp disguised as their employer for 30 years. And for what, to end up relying on the Government to supplement with the chump-change that is Social Security. Life is about choices, which one makes more sense to you?




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My name is Latrice Fowler a writer-entrepreneur and a newly published author! Can’t you just feel the excitement?! A few things about me you should know. I’m a child of GOD, a loving wife of 23 years and a mother of 4. I’m truly blessed and proud to call myself a Texan. In the not so distant past I struggled most days owning that I was A WRITER. I’ve been on the biggest journey of my life as I looked up one day and my children were all grown up and didn’t need me as much as I thought they should. And as a mother, I struggled for a while with that revelation.  I’m extremely grateful to my husband for encouraging me to pursue my dreams, my passions and the true calling that has been placed upon my life. So here we are. On a continuous journey of self-discovery, self-development as a newly published author and full-time writer. I tell people all the time, I’m definitely doing this for myself but if for some reason what I share through my writing and entrepreneurial work helps others in any way. That means my stories and testimonies are bigger than just little old me. So be encouraged my friends, and welcome to my world!


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