Here’s To Your 20 Something’s

Here’s to the 20 something’s. This is the time in your life that is dedicated to figuring yourself and life out. This is the time for you to explore different career paths, majors in college, relationships and life passions. This is the time that you are allowed to not have you ‘ish’ totally together and it still be okay without being looked at weird by your judgmental parents and family members. This is the time where you can still live with a roommate or at home and not be considered dependent. This is the time you can work odd jobs and have different side hustles without being fully committed to knowing what you want to do with your life. This is the time where you can be in love with different people and different cities. This is the time to travel, see the world and explore new places. This is the time to be adventurous because your body still allows it. This is the time to start taking care of your health before it completely deteriorates, but this is also the time to indulge in foods that are completely out of your realm and comfort zone.

Just Wing It!

Your 20’s is for exploring life and seeing everything that it has to offer. Being okay with not settling with societal norms and living an unconventional lifestyle. Millennials today do not want the white picket fence with a mundane job and boring life. Rather we want to seek life, find our passions and explore our interest. Life does not have to be boring, it can be crazy, overwhelming, disorganized and sporadic.

I know life seems surreal right now it’s like you’re an adult, but not quite sure how to be one. One day you were 13 years old, lip signing in the bathroom mirror, hanging out with friends and couldn’t wait to turn 18, you felt as if you had your whole life ahead of you and now that you are an adult you are reminiscing on the days you had no responsibility other than being a kid.

Your 20’s is an odd stage, its almost if you are a child and adult at the same time. As if you are not yet ready, but life does not stop. Responsibilities do not wait and they just keep coming. Horrible things are happening like your body changing, you have to eat weird things that you can’t pronounce like kah-ale (kale), you have to wake up daily for this thing called a Ja-obb (Job), you have to debate if you should wash your hair daily or just wait until next month and if eating a pack of oreo’s in a 2 day period means your depressed or just unable to prepare a decent meal. You are dealing with relationships issues, finances and debt are a continually migraine. Everything is so up in the air.

But, Wait There’s More…

In your 20‘s you are not supposed to have it all together, your are not supposed to have everything figured out. You are not supposed to know exactly what you want to do with your life and understand the ins and outs of every single thing. Your 20’s is for growing, achieving and exploring. Learning yourself and what this thing called life is. Your 20’s is for learning how to love every inch of yourself despite the constant changes and appreciating it for what it does. So, here’s to your 20’s where no one really knows exactly what they are doing.