Lysten Mobile App: The Creation

Lysten(Listen) is a peer to peer mobile communication platform geared towards young adults, millennials and professionals to assist with guidance, advice and support in all aspects of adulthood. It is a social communication platform that allows users to connect, share as well as voice opinions, concerns and seek and provide direction to others who are in a similar situation.  Lysten provides different vehicles of communication to allow for easier and more opportune dialogue. Lysten wants you to make connections and build relationships. While receiving the support and guidance that you need.

Let’s Start at the Beginning:

Like most millennials I went to college and… struggled through it. I had so many questions and NO WHERE to turn. If I could have received guidance on a few things I am sure it would have been a lot better. I was unsure what I really wanted to do with the rest of my life, did I want to become a dentist or live life as a free-spirited hippie. Should I take steps at becoming a marine biologist, or ditch school and figure out how to travel the world? It would have been great to have someone discuss things such as what hobbies I could have possibly picked up, what internships I could have possibly completed and what part time jobs were great for full time students. Having the convenience of obtaining extra guidance at how to manage money while living off campus would have certainly been nice.  Speaking with other about finding cheap places to rent or sublease would have made things a lot easier and knowing how much is too much for college rent would have perhaps saved me a lot of money. I longed for that advice to help decide if extra-curricular activities were right for me such as; joining a dance team, a sorority or participating in intramurals. I wish there were someone I could have talked to about what to do if I am failing a class, how to increase my GPA, provide me with better study tips and to discuss dieting while on a student meal plan. Sometime, even having someone to vent to about the college life in general, would have undeniably helped me through some hard times.


Graduation Day: College was no piece of cake it was difficult, stressful and I was broke most of the time. But, this is going to be different I am now entering into adulthood and it’s going to be, GREAT!…. so I thought. Adulthood is even worse, I graduated college thinking I was going to find a job no later than 6 months after graduation, because that’s what they tell you. I was eager to pay back my student loans in a timely manner, so that I could get out of debt. I couldn’t wait to find a nice place in the city to live, maybe purchase a new vehicle, and make great money in my new found corporate America career. And then reality hit, and like many of us, I was not ready to face the fact that, I will probably be in debt for the rest of my life as well continue to be underpaid and overqualified for many of the jobs I applied for.  I was living at home with my parents and younger siblings, I was working two dead-end jobs, 15.5 hours per day, putting in 30 applications per night.  Not sure what my next move should be, I started graduate school in the spring semester after taking a semester off. I wasn’t sure why I was doing it, but honestly it was the only thing I felt sure about.

I was lost, depressed and had huge amounts of anxiety about my life. I did not feel as if I was living up to my full potential. Or doing what I was really called to do. I felt as if there was more to life but couldn’t quite figure out what it was. And that’s when it hit me! I was going through a quarter life crisis. I was experiencing withdraw symptoms of the college life, depressed about what I have become and started to isolate myself. Many of my fellow co-workers and college friends felt similar. We lacked guidance and information about our life choices and possible decisions. We all felt either stuck or unsure about our futures. We did not know what to do when it came to student loans, debt and finances. We had questions about continuing our education, how to research other professions, how to go about finding our passions in life and so forth. We all wallowed in our despair over morning coffee in the breakroom before entering another day of mundane work. Here we were young professionals, with great degrees, ready to take on the world and live our best life. Though, many of us were still living with our parents, unable to afford reasonable housing, or a decent car note, but stuck paying back an 80-thousand-dollar school loan for the next 30 years!

And It Happened…

I wanted to create a platform where communication and dialogue was effortless and opportune. Lysten mobile app is a collaborative experience bringing many different skills, understandings and information into one place to help one another grow through situations that we as young adults and professionals deal with. Where people could find resources in a variety of different subjects while utilizing a variety of different communication vehicles. Lysten has a search tool to attend local conferences, workshops or meet-ups. We lacked resources to build and connect with like minded peers. We were yearning to communicate with others who were able to get through this journey called life and thus, Lysten mobile app was born.