Lysten’s Beta Release, You Don’t Want to Miss This

It is here, yes the release of our well awaited mobile app is September 28, 2018! Why is it so awaited? I’m glad you asked, I’ll tell you why. Lysten mobile app is unlike anything else. It caters to the individuals who are tired and drained of viewing unrealistic beauty blogs and post filled with zero substance of personal development. This is for those of you who are exhausted of racking your brains around empty celebrity news and vain social post. It’s decomposing to the mind and utterly disintegrating. Lysten, is developed for young adults, millennials and professionals who are focused on connecting, growing and learning in regard to our everyday life concerns. Whether it’s about finances, politics, education, corporate America jobs, entrepreneurship, relationships, parenthood and so forth Lysten is here and ready to help!

       Why A Beta Version?

Lysten is releasing a Beta also known as a ‘Test’ version of the app, to the public on September 28th instead of the official version. The Beta version will allow our team to collect data, analyze features, study our target demographic, implement new ideas and get as much feedback as possible to make this app better for you! The official launch of the app is set for January 2019. The official release will have all the new features, fixed bugs that we have gathered from your feedback and much more! While the test version will have slightly less features than the new version  that will be release in January, it will still serve its purpose and allow us to see what you think!

        What Can Lysten Offer?

Lysten’s mobile app, offers a wide range of services and things to enjoy. Our users have the option to connect with one of our valuable and esteemed Providers to vent, discuss life, receive mentoring, guidance and advice in regard to virtually anything. Topics includes things such as business ventures or ideas, adulthood, parenthood, financing, relationships, mental health, depression and so on.

Lysten’s mobile app also allows users to send and receive direct messages, ask and reply to questions, connect with group discussions, watch and upload videos of their interest, post and attend events such as seminars, conferences and etc within their area. Users also have the ability to listen to Podcast and read articles that they enjoy.

        Our Awesome Users

There are two types of Users with Lysten’s mobile app. There are our awesome regular, not so regular Users who utilize the app to gain knowledge, learn new things, seek direction, assistance and guidance. Then there’s our Providers, our Provider’s are trained and hand selected individuals who have the skills, knowledge and background to assist our Users with mentoring, guidance and advice via direct phone calls and messaging.

          Why is This Worth Having on Your Phone?

How many more apps do you need that don’t feed your mind or develop your personal interest? Find new hobbies, meet with new people and enjoy an engaging community of like minded peers who are ready to experience life to the fullest by emerging in their personal and professional awareness. Lysten mobile app is for the intellectual in you.