Preparing for The Week Ahead

As young professional adults, preparing for the week ahead is crucial. This is something that should be in your weekly routine indefinitely. As an adult, prioritizing and organizing your week prepares you for upcoming events and meetings and allows you to get ahead in this busy bustling world called life. Being in the everyday rat race whether you’re in a corporate 9 to 5pm job, entrepreneur, freelancer or just dealing with everyday responsibilities as an adult organizing your week and getting ready for the days ahead will alleviate you from the torturous torment of not being on the ball, forgetting important things that need to be complete and so forth.  With that being said, here are a few tips to help you prepare yourself better for the work week.


Tips For The Week

  1. Make a to-do list – this to-do list can consist of anything from business to personal responsibility for the follow day or up coming week. This is best done in a notebook that is dedicated strictly to your notes on what needs to be done. Rather writing in on a single piece of paper that could easily misplaced. Consider this notebook your Holy Grail.
  2. Purchase a planner– this will make your life 100 times easier, even though you already have a to-do list your planner will definitely allow you to put things into perspective, so that you can visually see all the things that need to be done throughout the day. Which allows you to plan more accordingly.
  3. Pick out your clothes– So middle school, right? Wrong! Picking your clothes for the week or even the night before will help you save so much time in the morning. That way you’re not so tired and just throw on anything or so that you do not have to wake-up two hours earlier to figure out what you want to wear. Picking out your clothing and making them into outfits and placing them together in the closet is a life saver.
  4. Clean– Cleaning your home, work space, vehicle or office on Sunday to prepare for the week is like putting on fresh new clothes after a long hard day at work after taking a steaming hot shower. It’s getting rid of the old and embracing the new. Starting fresh and feeling less cluttery always helps with feeling better and doing better.
  5. Run errands– Allow Sundays to be the day that all of your errands be ran. Try to get as much stuff done as possible and out of the way so that you can begin this week feeling stress free. Go to the grocery, get that oil change, return those items, purchase that item now, so it’s not harboring over you for the next few days.
  6. Meal prep– Meal prepping for an entire week to me is very hard therefore I started meal prepping only for the first two days (lunch). This way my Monday morning feels so easy and not so rushed when I am running late and dreading to make my lunch. Sometimes I am running so far behind that I don’t make lunch and I end up spending more money on fast food that’s no good for you.
  7. Budget– This day gives me enough time to see what I need to purchase this week and how much I anticipate on spending. At that point I retrieve money from the ATM and whatever cash I get out is all that I spend. This helps me with managing my money better than swiping my debit card.
  8. Work-out– Everyone hates the ‘W’ word, but just take 30minutes to an hour and be active go for a jog, do yoga or even stretch. Get your heart rate up and sweat a bit, it will definitely make you feel better. Just knowing that you are taking active steps to take care of your body and your mind gives you a feeling of relief.
  9. Self-care– Do something that will allow you to relax such as; scheduling a message, taking a long bath with a mask on your face, going to get a mani and pedie, relaxing and catching up on all of your favorite Netflix shows and so forth. Do something that will help you unwind and unfold.
  10. Go to bed early– You don’t want to start your Monday off sleepy from the night before, the key to a good day definitely starts with a good night sleep.