The College Student’s Guide on How to De-stress

Young adults and college students are often very busy with trying to survive school life, get good grades, work full or part time jobs, have a social life and sometimes even maintain a relationship. They spend a great deal of time studying for exams, working on class projects, meeting deadlines for class assignments and etc. This is quite a load for many young adults and such schedules can lead to major stress and anxiety. In situations like these it’s very important for you to learn how to take breaks, so that burn outs do not occur, in this article we will list simple inexpensive methods for you to learn how to de-stress your body without stressing out your pockets.

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1. Meditate – By far, meditation is the best way students can de-stress. There isn’t a lot of prep time or anything complicated that has to be done to meditate. Meditation itself is just the method of setting aside time to simply find a small quiet, cozy, darkened room where a person can either lie down or sit up on a bed, mat, or chair with eyes closed and only focusing on listening to the sound of their own breath. It is an exercise that doesn’t have to take a lot of time. People who’ve done it most often feel relaxed spending as little as 15 minutes meditating.  Get a Meditation App-Download a meditation app like Calm, which contains sounds of nature and use it to meditate every hour while studying.
2. Exercise- Exercise, is the number one stress reliever, get up and get to moving. This can definitely make you feel better. It releases endorphins that overall makes you feel like a new person. When you feel healthy you automatically start to feel better. Find cute work out clothing here, Workout Clothing
3. Get up and Take a Walk- Taking a walk through a nature trail or park is very de-stressing and helps clear the mind and it won’t cost a dime but the chance to de-stress is priceless.
4. Music – Take a break to listen to some relaxing music. Music is known to calm the heart and mind when things start to spin out of control. Take a moment and put on something that makes you feel good and just listen.
5. Hot Tea or Chocolate – Take some time to prepare and drink a hot cup of herbal tea or eat some chocolate can both be very relaxing. Soothing yourself from the inside can assist with calming the mind. Herbal tea has so many benefits when it comes to stress and anxiety. Add a little sugar or honey to your tea and float away.
6. Warm Shower or Bath – Take a nice relaxing shower or bath. One thing that can help you relax is the utilizing the Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Stress Relief Eucalyptus and Spearmint Gentle Foam you can purchase here; Bath and Body Work Stress Relief this aroma helps alleviate stress with it’s aroma of essential oils.
7. Swimming – Going for a nice swim or even just float in a pool is a good remedy for stress.
8. Play Games – Since people like to play on the phone, why not use it to de-stress by downloading a game app. Taking the time to play a game such as Solitaire for half an hour can help take the mind off away from stressful situations.
9. Sleep- Sometimes, a little rest is all we need. Take a day and literally catch up on as much sleep as possible, sleep all day if you need to. Our bodies sometimes need to readjust and realign. Throughout our busy week, I think we can admit that lack of sleep is what is causing the majority of our stress.
10. Last but not least, unplug- Unplug means to take everything that is annoying you, stressing you out or causing you any anxiety what so ever and just step away. Whether it’s a person or place. Just leave for a few hours and realign yourself.

These are a few basic tips that can help stressed out young adults and college students de-stress even if its only for a short period of  time. The main thing is to remember is to take the time out to relax no matter which method is used.