What’s New Dude!

Lysten has been working extremely hard to make this application better for our users. We want this to be a platform that you can go to for; advice, mentoring and guidance with everyday life concerns. Utilizing the many communication vehicles, peer to peer knowledge, expertise of our Service Providers, our networking events platform and so much more. Some of our features include;
Direct Messages, for those private conversations between you and another user to discuss disclosed dialogs about life issues. Next, would be our Discussion Forum, with the ability for users to ask questions with the ability for other users to answer them to their best of their knowledge. We also included the ability to have Group Discussions via our ‘Groups’ tab, with multiple individuals who are passionate about similar subjects. You can make these groups Public to include everyone’s opinion and view or Private to discuss a topic amongst yourself and a select few individuals.

Also, users also have the ability to reach out to one our trained and entrusted Service Providers. Sometime people just need a shoulder to lean on, someone to talk to or connect with. Lysten’s Service Providers are trained life coaches willing and ready to assist you with everyday life concerns with how to deal with this thing called ‘adulting’. In addition to that, users also have the ability to post or view events happening in their areas. Events are meant for you to try new things and meet new people. There is nothing like expanding your horizon and broadening your comfort zone. You can attend these events on your own or with a group of friends and make a night out of it.

Lastly, users can watch or upload videos to our platform, you can also like, comment and subscribe to other user’s profile pages you most enjoy. Listen and learn new things and topics with Lysten’s video tab. If you like to talk, have something to teach or just an overall interesting person, then create a Lysten video page and start uploading today! You can gain subscribers, accumulate views and comments on each video. While also broadening your platform, increasing your growth, influencing your audience and receiving more exposure in diverse places. Which can organically grow your capital.

As we continue to grow into adulthood, many of us are unaware of what we are actually doing and whether we are doing it, “right”. With questions such as; what major I should chose, what is my career path, how do I deal with this relationship, having trouble deciding sexual orientation and etc. We tend to fall victim to troubles we wish we had more insight about, before-hand. And when things fall through or don’t go as planned we are all too often left with the feeling of, “I wish” or “I could have” or “I should have..”. That’s where Lysten comes in, it is a peer to peer platforms filled with individuals with diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, experiences and journeys that can give you feedback, guidance and answers about your next steps in life. You can receive assistance from other knowledgeable peers or from one of our trained Service Providers.

Just ask, and someone will give you an answer. This can keep you from making the same mistakes that others have encountered. Thus, pushing you in the right direction and giving you a head start without the fear of failure. Many young adults are not surrounded by people they look up to, who have chosen the same life path or who know much about what you are experiencing and how to properly manage it.

With Lysten’s platform, there are people who have experienced what you have experienced, or who are currently going through a similar situation, you can either learn with one another and take on this journey together while building a life-long connection and bond or take the guidance and apply it to your life to push you in the right direction. Connect learn and listen with Lysten mobile app.