Millennials and young adults are dealing with concerns such as; career changes, applying for secondary education, college or graduate school, searching for careers, dealing with sexual orientation, sexual preference and so forth. You are being challenged as college students by trying to find a balance between work, school and friends.You are also becoming first time home owners, starting families and becoming new parents. As young adults some of you are still trying to finding your passion and what to do next in life. Which can cause depression and stress. We want you to know that you are not alone.

Lysten’s goal is to help you with that, it’s a platform aimed at utilizing user interaction. A social communication site that allows one to connect with a knowledgeable peer to peer demographic to provide or receive support, ask or answer questions, resolve concerns, acquire advice, mentoring, guidance and etc.

Lysten brings together different avenues of communication such as audio and video calls, direct messaging, the ability to view articles and watch videos, post forums and so forth. All in one place to communicate more effectively and efficiently.

Lysten is currently available in the Google Play and App Store. Download Today